About Us

Champion Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., was established in the year 1987. Champion Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., is situated at a very strategic location of Central India namely CHAMPA (Chattisgarh) is located on the Howrah - Mumbai (via Nagpur) main line of South East Central Railway.

From a humble beginning this unit has now grown into a large-modern works manufacturing:- Basic Refractory Products, Fireclay & High Alumina Bricks, Acid & Heat Resistance Bricks, Monolithics & Castables, Ramming, Gunning & Spray masses, Slide Gate / Flow Control Refractories, Tundish Refractories & Special Refractories for different categories of industries. The products of the company enjoy a high reputation for quality and durability and are in great demand all over the country.

We are proud of our heritage and long association with refractory consuming industries.

Why we are different

Champion Ceramics Pvt. Ltd., is committed to meet the stringent quantitative and qualitative requirements of the customers. All our products confirm as per IS and International Specification, which are supported through a comprehensive pre and post service plan depending on the customers need.

We have in hand an ambitious expansion programme. We also have in hand projects manufacturing Silica Refractories.