Aluminium is the second most abundant metallic element in the earth’s crust after silicon & is remarkable for its low density and ability to resist corrosion. The transportation, construction & packaging industries consume the majority of this metal. Aluminum also has the advantage of a practically infinite capacity for recycling, making it a choice solution in terms of environmental protection.

Aluminium production is divided into two basic categories – primary & secondary production.

Aluminium Industry is continuously working to increase productivity & to reduce cost through energy efficient & environment friendly smelting technology.

CCPL offers a wide range of refractories for both primary & secondary production units.

Primary Smelting

        Carbon Bake or Anode Baking Furnace (ABF).



        Hot Metal Ladle

        Melting & Holding Furnace

        Casting & Pouring Launder

Primary Smelting Process

Aluminium Casting Process

Anode Baking Furnace

1 : Pit with anodes and packing coke
2 : Fluewall
3 : Sections
4 : Headwall
5 : Gas flow in the fluewalls
6 : Tub
7 : Insulating Bricks

Anode baking furnace consists of an even number of chambers or sections distributed in two parallel spans. Each section is separated from the following one by refractory partition-wall, which includes 6 to 10 flue walls and 5 to 9 cells or pits in which the anodes are charged and baked.

CCPL has complete range of products for Anode Baking Furnace which covers:

• Dense Firebricks
• Insulation Firebricks
• Mortars for dense & insulation bricks
• Dense & Insulating Castable
• Precast prefired shapes

Rodding Shop

In Rodding shop the ROD which will act as a current conductor from Anode Ring bus to the Anode is sealed with the anode using molten cast iron. This process needs induction furnace for producing cast iron & Ladles or crucibles for transporting the hot metal from induction furnace to the anodes.

CCPL has complete refractory solutions for the Equipment used in Rodding Shop.

Acidic Ramming Mass are extensively used as a working lining material in Induction Furnace with satisfactory performance.

Dense conventional castable – Castable 90 % is used as coil coating item in Induction Furnace & Castable 50 & 60 % is used as working lining in Ladle or crucible.

CCPL Castable 60 % is designed with high purity calcium aluminate cement alongwith superior quality calcined bauxite and Talochite. It has Low iron (<1.5%) alongwith early strength development characteristics. It is volume stable at application temperature & easy to apply either by casting or trowelling.

Pot Lining

Pot is conventional name of the Aluminium reduction cell.

The whole pot is lined with refractory and thermal insulation materials in a systematic way in order to make the pot thermally insulated and also to form as a cathode for the reduction process.

CCPL offers a wide range of products for Pot Lining like-



CCPL Brand name

Special Features

Ordinary Refractory Brick

CC 30 / CC 40

Low Thermal Conductivity, High Dimensional Accuracy & Resistance towards molten aluminium & fluorinated sodium compounds.

Jointing mortar

CC 30 M / CC 40 M

Good Workability

Insulating Castable

CC Incast 8S AL

Low Bulk Density, Low Thermal Conductivity & High Compressive Strength

High Strength Castable

CC FH 13

High Compressive Strength, Controlled sintering for easy removal at the end of use, Controlled setting to get sufficient working time.

SiC blocks


Good corrosion resistance against molten bath components & liquid metal, Low Thermal Expansion & High Strength

SiC Mortar


Superior Workability & High Bonding Strength

SiC Castable


Acid & Alkali resistance, Low Thermal Expansion & High Strength at different temperatures