CCPL provides world class refractories for copper industry which includes a wide range of direct bonded magnesia chrome (DBMC) bricks Fireclay / High alumina bricks.

CCPL manufactures DBMC bricks with high purity raw materials (sea water magnesia / high purity magnesia, fused mag. Chrome co-clinker & high purity chrome ore), using new generation mixers & presses and firing at temperature above

1800ÂșC to maximize direct bonding. A special post firing treatment has been designed for optimum spinel formation. These bricks are highly resistant to sulphate attack and have a strong resistance towards fayalite containing slag.

Post firing treatment gives the material high room temp. strength and reduces permeability.

Copper is mainly produced by different processes like outokumpu, Mitsu bishi, ISA - SMELT etc. CCPL provides all refractories for these possesses.

DBMC bricks supplied by CCPL are performing satisfactorily in various equipments like flash smelting furnace, pierce smith converter, slag cleaning furnace, anode furnace, troff converter, smelting furnace, converting furnace, ISA Furnace, rotary holding furnace etc.

Anode Furnace