Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)


Several technological developments have taken place in EAF steel making in order to increase productivity and to reduce cost per ton of steel. Variours technological develpments include :
1. UHP/long arc operation
2. Water colled wall and roof panel
3. Foamy slag practice
4. Oxy-fuel burner
5. Inert gas purging
6. Eccentric bottom tapping

CCPL has complete range of products such as burnt magnesia bricks for backup application, MgO-C bricks for all areas, dry ramming mass and basic gunning meterial.
CCPL provides High alumina castable and brick for EAF roof as per requirment of customers.



Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF)

    All over the world, BOF has emerged as prime steel making unit followed by EAF. CCPL has a wide range of Magnesia carbon refractories for BOF, EAF and Ladle are produced. These bricks are manufactured with high purity raw materials (Fused magnesia, Graphite and antioxidants), using new generation mixers and presses and tempering in a modern kiln. CCPL has a wide range of Magnesia carbon bricks for different areas of converter. The quality of MgO-C bricks for all the areas are continuously upgraded by CCPL.
Various repair materials are also provided by CCPL for extending the performance of BOF refractories. CPL also provides various refractories (Burnt magnesia and magnesia chrome bricks) for BOF back up lining.



Steel Ladle

During last two decades, the demand for various grades of steel with stringent specifications has increased considerably. Initially Steel ladle was used only to transport steel from steel making units to casting bay. But now the steel ladle lining must withstand increasingly severe service conditions associated with secondary steel making in ladle. Secondary steel making is associated with longer holding time, higher liquid temperature and arc/chemical heating. Stirring with inert gases and degassing procedure, alloying and use of synthetic slag will also accelerate the wear. With the introduction of secondary refining and continuous casting, superior quality refractories are required for lining steel ladle.

CCPL has wide range of refractories for steel ladle application. These refractories are pitch/resin-bonded dolomite, MgO-C, Alumina magnesia carbon, burnt alumina spinel, high alumina and fired magnesia chrome brick.

Precast prefired well block/seating block, castable/ramming masses for fixing well block/seating block, ladle bottom periphery and top tightening application are supplied by CCPL.

High alumina and basic bricks are also offered by CCPL for ladle back up application.

Slide Plates & Accessories

CCPL manufactures a wide range of slide plates (magnesia, alumina-carbon, alumina-zirconia carbon, Magnesia-spinel etc), ladle nozzles ( alumina based, magnesia – graphite base), collector nozzles, porous plugs (random & directional type), zircon nozzles, seating blocks, well blocks, sleeves, slide plate fixing masses etc.

These products are manufactured from highest purity synthetic raw material & processed by using most modern manufacturing equipments. CCPL products are consistently giving multiple heats & serving the needs of steel plant ladles, tundish etc.


The production of steel through continuous casting route has increased considerably as it provides a number of advantages over conventional ingot casting. Currently, the world steel production through continuous casting route is about 95%.

In continuous casting, tundish is the last refractory lined unit through which molten steel passes into the mould. In the early stage, tundish was used as steel distributor and retainer. Later on, it has been made larger in capacity to stabilize the operation of high speed casting and improving the quality of steel with an emphasis on the removal of inclusions. Various refractories associated with tundish are:

(a) Tundish lining materials (Permanent and working lining)
(b) Dams & Weirs
(c) Impact pad
(d) Flow control system (Monoblock stopper or tundish slide gate)
(e) Pouring stream protection between tundish and mould (Shroud or SEN)
(f) Tundish nozzle
(g) Seating block

CCPL manufactures & supplies low cement castable ( Castable LC-70, Castable LC-70 LI) for permanent lining application, basic spraying mass along with application equipment for working lining. A specific quality basic spraying mass is selected depending upon the requirement of sequence heats.

CCPL provides precast prefired dams, weire & impact pad by using superior quality low CEMENT CASTABLES and slide plates for flow control of steel.

CCPL also provides all black refractories (Mono block stopper, shrouds & SEN) to meet customers specific requirements.

Lime Kiln

CCPL offers a comprehensive range of Fire Clay / High alumina, Magnesia, Magnesia – Zirconia, Magnesia – alumina, insulation & all range of castables & ramming masses for vertical shaft lime kiln. This product exhibits good hydration resistance, excellent resistance towards corrosive lime, high abrasion resistance & good thermo mechanical properties.

Spong Iron Kilns

CCPL provides world class refractories for sponge iron kilns which includes low cement castables. Conventional castables and conventional insulating Castable. Low accretion build up has been observed in our castable which has been achieved through proper design of the recipe.

These products are preferred by many users’ as these are manufactured by using selective raw materials like calcined bauxite with low iron oxide & high BD, high purity Talochite with high BD and high purity calcium aluminate cement, the best of its kind available in the globe. CCPL also supplies insulating bricks & mortars, Firebricks / HA bricks & mortars and other materials like anchors, calcium silicate blocks etc..

CCPL recommends SI series castables for 50 to 100 TPD kilns whereas non SI series are recommended in bigger capacity kilns (>100 TPD to 500 TPD) CCPL products are performing satisfactorily in different capacity kilns. Apart from supply of materials, CCPL provides state of the art refractories solutions which includes design, installation and expert supervision services.



Coke Oven

Champion Ceramics (P) Ltd. (CCPL) has been producing and supplying all type of Fire clay Refractory Bricks and shapes and Checker Bricks for Coke Oven as well as Blast furnace Stove.

CCPL bricks has been used in more than 30 Recovery type and Non-recovery type coke oven batteries and are giving consistent performance over the years.

Blast Furnace

CCPL produces a wide range of blast furnace & stove refractories meeting all international designer's specification (M/S Paul-wurth, Siemens VAI, Danieli Corus, Mecon etc.).

The products are manufactured from high purity Talochite, Andalusite, Brown Corundum, Synthetic mullite grain and exhibits excellent thermo-mechanical properties. A complete range of monolithics and castables are also produced for BR applications.

Torpedo Ladle

Torpedo ladle is mainly used for transporting hot metal from BF to steel melting shop. Sometimes pretreatment of hot metal is also carried out in torpedo ladle.

CCPL has complete range of products for torpedo ladle application and it includes burnt andalusite brick, burnt high alumina bricks based on bauxite and fused alumina, alumina-silicon carbide-carbon (ASC) and alumina magnesia carbon (AMC) bricks and low cement castable for mouth application.

Transfer Ladle

CCPL has been regularly supplying burnt HA bricks (Bauxite based & fused alumina based) and ASC bricks for transfer ladle application. These bricks are giving consistent performance over the years.